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Clean system equipment

Meet the needs presented by advanced clean product environments. Every conceivable countermeasure to prevent particle contamination within a clean room.


Static electricity removal

Compact, voltage transformer allows use of a low-voltage DC power supply. Lineup includes lower types, as well as fan types, bar types, and more.


Medium control equipment

Developed under the basic concepts of high-accuracy, high-efficiency, and simplicity. Provides precision control of air, gas, liquids, and any other fluid.


Chemical solution, for medical analysis

Liquid chemical analysis equipment that is great for test instruments perform to highly accurate control of special fluids used on pharmaceutical and semiconductor production lines.


Shock absorber

Shock and noise absorption by the drive equipment provides shorter cycle times and protects against damage to the equipment.


Fluororesin products

Koganei fluororesin products for semiconductor lines requiring high purity, highly accurate control, and a wide range of other environments.


Environmental hygiene equipment

Hypochlorous acid generators for outstanding anti-bacterial effectiveness in hygienic environments, and clean room environment monitors.


Electric actuator

Stringent cost performance provides an electric actuator at a low price.


Fixed discharge pump

Used in a wide range of production applications, including those for semiconductors, FPD, batteries, pharmaceuticals, etc. Simple, original construction grease dispenser for outstanding uniform volume now available.


Water processing device

Environment friendly water treatment devices that do not use chemicals. New type of cleaning tower and chiller for improved circulation water quality.

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