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030 / H030 series


030 / H030 series

The most compact in size 5 port solenoid valve that is available as inline and up to 20 valve station manifolds in 3 different manifold configurations. The Selection Guide provides a summary of the 6 different Pneumatic Solenoid Operated Direct Acting Valves. The 030 / H030 Series variations include:

Lead Wire and Plug-in Connector
Inline, Subbase, Mono Block Manifold
Cleanroom Option
FKM Seal
Low Temperature Option
RoHS Compliance
2/2 Single
2/2 Single Vacuum
2/2 Single Vacuum Clean System
3/2 Single
3/2 Single Vacuum
3/2 Single Vacuum Clean System
5/2 Single
5/2 Single Clean System

Selection Chart

Herb Plants
Herb Plants


Koganei has finished to comply Koganei brand products to the RoHS directive which regulates 6 substances, and has been attaching the RoHS-compliant identification mark 'E' to shipped products since July 2006.

On June 4th 2015, there was a public notification through an official Gazette [EU2015/863] , informing that the target of regulation will be increased to 10 substances.

Koganei is preparing to manufacture products which comply to the RoHS (10 substances), and attach a RoHS-compliant identification mark 'G' to compliant products from July 2018.

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