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Solenoid Valve F Series


Solenoid Valve F Series

100+ million cycle life tested and rated directional control valve series that can switch direction of the cylinder ports and from double to single solenoid without any additional parts needed. The Selection Guide provides a summary of the 132 F Series – Indirect Acting Solenoid Valves. The F Series variations include:

Direct Wiring, D-Sub, Flat Cable or Serial Communication
Inline, Subbase, Mono Block and Split Type Manifold
Switchable Output Ports Direct on Valve or Manifold
Field Selectable Single or Double Solenoid Operation
Available with Two 3-way Valves in One Body
RoHS Compliance

Herb Plants
Herb Plants


Koganei has finished to comply Koganei brand products to the RoHS directive which regulates 6 substances, and has been attaching the RoHS-compliant identification mark 'E' to shipped products since July 2006.

On June 4th 2015, there was a public notification through an official Gazette [EU2015/863] , informing that the target of regulation will be increased to 10 substances.

Koganei is preparing to manufacture products which comply to the RoHS (10 substances), and attach a RoHS-compliant identification mark 'G' to compliant products from July 2018.

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